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Karner Blue Enterprises is a delightful company currently focused on creating fine children's goods, toys and literature. When Karner Blue CEO Helen Bickmore approached me about doing some graphics work for Karner Blue, my inner child was delighted. The positive energy surrounding Karner Blue Enterprises is brilliant. I knew right away that the pieces I would create for them needed to reflect that brilliance, pun intended.

Bath Toy Decal | Dolphin

The first project for Karner Blue was to create stickers for the prototype of a baby's bath toy that was going into production. Since bright colors and patterns are a favorite of a baby's developing brain, I created visually stimulating "water friends" stickers for the toy.

Bath Toy Decal | Seal

As Karner Blue Enterprises moves forward, I look forward to creating more images for them. We are currently developing their website.




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Business Card | Front

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