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The Gift of the Wonder Woman Belt Buckle LOS ANGELES

Anyone that knows me knows that I have a great fascination with the character of Wonder Woman that stems back to the TV series from my youth and has stayed with me for all these years.  So, needless-to-say I was amazed that I was going to meet an artist who had so much to do with the show's success.

Shortly after we wrapped "Stay Cool" I was invited by make-up artist Julie Socash to meet Cheri Ruff.  Cheri is an accomplished and highly-regarded hairdresser in the motion picture and TV industry.  Her client list included silver screen luminaries like Elizabeth Taylor and Shirley McClaine.  But most exhilarating for me is that Cheri Ruff was also the hairdresser on my favorite TV show of all time, Wonder Woman!

I spent a delightful time with Cheri and Julie hearing war stories from Hollywood sets and about her own adventures on the Wonder Woman set. For example, she told me that, since it was a character and a brand, the producers would measure the distance from the tip of WW's Tierra to the peak of the height of her hair to assure themselves that was identical each time.

At Right:  Julie Socash, Cheri Ruff, Thom Cammer >

But then the most amazing thing happened!  From her handbag, Cheri produced a leather pouch.  She handed it to me and said "I want you to have this.  I know that you will understand and appreciate it".

I reached inside the pouch and pulled out this unbelievable personal treasure!  A gold belt buckle from Lynda Carter to Cheri upon the wrap of the show in 1978.  As I understand there are only 50 of them.

<At Left:  The front of the buckle

Thank You Cheri, for the wonderful gift!  (Pun intended)  And Thank You, Julie, for bringing us together.  I felt as though I was being given a magical talisman and that it was a sign that I was on the right path.  It was like some cosmic circle was suddenly completed. It was such an act of kindness that it has inspired me deeply on many levels.  You both have become one of my Wonder Women!

At Right:  The back of the buckle >

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